Youtube Monetization Services

YouTube Monetization & Channel Management

Earn money every time your music is played anywhere on YouTube and properly manage your channels.

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Create your Artist account today and distribute music to multiple stores right from our dashboard.

YouTube Channel Monetization

We help you deliver your music to YouTube Content ID and monetize every track you own, claiming 100% music rights & royalties.

Upload Your Music

Upload your music to Mix Vibe Records and provide detailed info like track name, artist name, artwork, and more.

Your music on YouTube

We will send your songs to YouTube to get a unique Content ID to track your soundtracks easily.

Let YouTube do the work for you

Once your music is successfully uploaded on YouTube and people start listening to it or using it in their videos, YouTube will automatically make a claim on your behalf.

Make Money

We help you collect music royalties every time someone uses, streams, or downloads your music. You get paid directly into your bank account.

Create Unlimited Music and Earn Unlimited Money on YouTube

Start monetizing your YouTube channels and earn unlimited income whenever someone streams or uses your music. Growup your music career with Mix Vibe Records.

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