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Mix Vibe Records

1. Acceptance of our Terms
The Site is owned and operated by Mix Vibe Records Team. The Site is offered free Music Release Service for DJs/Producers/Remixes for our Registered Artists. Please read this Agreement carefully before accessing or using the Site. If you do not agree to any of the provisions set out in those documents, you should not use the Website, Apps or any of the Services. By accessing or using the Platform, registering an Join Application Form, or by viewing, accessing, streaming, uploading or downloading any information or content from or to the Platform.

2. Terms and conditions
  • You need Register in our Label Sign Form.
  • You need one of any Official Profile from (Soundcloud/facebook/Mixcloud/Any Music/Social Platform).
  • We are not allowed to give Release for already published Tracks from another websites.
  • Do not release your tracks without publish from us, ( You can publish only promo of your tracks in Social media before Release.)
  • Use Mix Vibe Records Logo in your Cover images/Videos of your released tracks.
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3. Conditions for ORIGINAL MIX
  • We release Original Music in our all Streaming Platforms & also give Copyrights.
  • We do not accept "other artists created samples" in your original music. All music must be original, no samples, loops, or remakes, since this causes many error matches in our copyright system.
  • Read More About - YouTube Content ID

4. Copyrights for ORIGINAL MIX
  • We are only giving copyrights for your ORIGINAL MIXES.
  • We claim and monetize your music in videos on YouTube, Facebook*, Instagram* and more**.
  • If anyone upload your original music in any social platform, As soon as they get a claim.
  • Read More About - YouTube Content ID

5. Artist Profile
We are giving free profile for our artists. Profile creation is a auto generating process, When we release your track your profile will create automatically in our Artists Website.