What does Free for Profit Beat Mean ?

  • What does Free for Profit Beat Mean: What are the Legal Rights and how can I make Money from songs as a Rapper ? 
First you need to know that there's a difference between Free for Profit Beats and Free Download Beats.

Free Download Beats are mostly for auditioning purposes and for try outs.

Free for Profit Beats are Beats that you can use for Free but with certain restrictions or limitations. Most of the time you own't be able to monetize them, but you can record and upload your song !

My advice if you want to release a song is just to lease a Beat , it will save you lots of time since you own't be getting any copyright claims and even if you do you got your License to prove you have the rights to drop your song !

They come with the Wav File + Trackouts and you get it exclusively , the Beat is taken down and you own the rights to it !

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