Introducing Promo Cards By Mix Vibe Records

Our new tool lets you create custom assets for your songs and artist profile that you can share on social media.

— Introducing Promo Cards, easily customizable graphics that you can create to share with your fans to promote yourself, your songs, your album from Mix Vibe Records. we want to help make your job(s) easier when it comes to creating eye-catching shareable social media assets to help you grow your audience and celebrate*. All you have to do is visit the site to get started. There’s no log-in required. Once you’re there, you can create your custom Promo Cards in three simple steps:

SELECT SONG: Search for the content you want to promote. You can share your artist profile, a track, or an album. If one of your songs has been listed, you can click to select content in the search results for the track.

CUSTOMIZE DESIGN: How do you want fans to see the image? Will it be square, horizontal, or portrait? You can choose the aspect ratio and background color from a palette of complementary options.

SHARE: Download your new creation and upload it wherever you like with the link to your content the site generates. You can also choose one of the direct share options on the site to post it to social media.

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